"Swiss Milk"


"Swiss Milk"

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Milky Way close to Matterhorn. There are tons of photos of the Matterhorn. This mountain has been shot by so many people, it sometimes feels that the subject is almost sucked out. And you can also find countless Milky Way photos on the web. When I go out for a photography session, I don't want just to shoot another picture of the Matterhorn or a photo of the Milky Way. No, I want to create THE ultimate picture of that specific location. This photo has been shot in front of Stellisee.

  • Print available in three sizes:
    a.) 40 x 60 cm
    b.) 60 x 90 cm
    c.) 80 x 120 cm
  • Print on Acrylic 10 mm
  • Polished finish (glossy look)
  • Mounting bracket on the back (floating effect)

Limited series of 50 prints

... and limited really means limited. No more additional copies. Each exemplar will have its identification number of the series printed on the image.

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