"Stars & Stripes"


"Stars & Stripes"


Shot near the Pizolhütte, 2222m above sea level. It was a great night, as we were camping on top of the mountain and waiting for the right moment. We were very lucky with the weather, as all the clouds just disappeared 10 min. before the planned session. This is one of the darkest spot in Switzerland. But still you can see the light pollution below (yellow) from the city Chur. Very long exposure image of 4 minutes supported by an iOptron sky tracker.

  • Print in two variants:
    a.) Acrylic 10mm polished finish (glossy look)
    b.) Aluminum butler finish (metallic look)
  • Dimensions: 60 x 90 cm
  • Mounting bracket on the back (floating effect)

Limited series of 50 printsLimited series of 50 prints

... and limited really means limited. No more additional copies. Each exemplar will have its identification number of the series printed on the image

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