Alex Reusch 

I live in a small city in Switzerland, right next-door to Zurich. I am German, but born and grown up in Switzerland.

Beside photography, I'm into: 

  • Football (talking about it)

  • Motorcycles (love my Ducati)

  • Electronic gadgets

  • Music (love my Piega's)

  • Weird movies

  • F1 (I go totally nuts about it!)

I am passionate about almost everything I do. My motto is:

"Do it with PASSION or not at all"

About me as a photographer

Fascinated by electronic gadgets, I discovered digital photography in the late 90's. The very first models used 3.5" floppy disk as a storage medium with a capacity of 1.44 MB!  My first real serious hands on experience I made with a Sony Cybershot DSC-F505 during a USA road trip. As storage capacity was expensive, 640x480 VGA resolution was the way to go back then... Not even using the maximum resolution of the camera! I also proudly owned the very first Canon Digital IXUS (2.1 MP), which was a very beautiful and small pocket camera... Do you remember, when 16 MB rocked the world? ;-)

Over the next years, I upgraded my gear through several generations of the Canon Ixus family. Still a point and shoot camera user, I slowly was getting annoyed by the limitations of this device type. In the mean time, digital cameras have become a serious solution for professionals. But instead of jumping on the "you want shoot professional, you need a DSLR" train, I was more attracted by the rangefinder form factor. Mirrorless has become an alternative to DSLR and so I got my first X-Trans based system, the Fujifilm X-Pro1. After working with this beautiful instrument for a couple of years, I upgraded to the successor, the Fujifilm X-Pro2. Fuji really understands my personal requirements and their products are like a natural extension to my body.

I mostly shoot prime lenses and love to learn new stuff and techniques. I learned a lot from photographers around the world, who shared their passion and knowledge on social media (Trey Ratcliff, Scott Kelby, Alex Koloskov, Alain Shapiro, Dietmar Bachmann etc.).

I am not focusing on a single genre, as I am constantly experimenting new things. Currently, my work is around:

  • Landscape (incl. HDR)

  • Super large High-Resolution Panoramas (Giga Pixels)

  • Longexposure (Night Photography, incl. Milky Way)

  • B&W

  • Street

  • Portrait

You can also find me here: